Alex Wilson, CEO of Precious Timber, reveals the surprising facts about the many advantages of investing in timber.

  • Average returns of 14% a year since 1987—beating stocks, bonds and other risky investments...

  • None of the volatility or crash risk of the stock market or real estate...

  • Surprising safety and more security than almost any other investment...

  • Billionaire investor Jeremy Grantham calls it, “The best long-term investment there is. It is the only low-risk, high-return asset.”

Yes, timberland... the hard asset that institutional investors have poured more than $18 BILLION into.

Dear Long-Term Investor,
Let me tell you how wealthy investors are getting 14% a year...every year. 

  • Forget the stock and bonds markets.  
  • Stop the worry.  Stop the risk.  And stop losing money on low-return investments.  
  • The low-risk, high-return investment the wealthy have been using for safe and solid returns is a unique investment centered on one of the best wealth creators of all time…timberland.

And the wealthiest of America’s wealthy investors are now focusing on this long-term investment to avoid the high risks of stocks, bonds, precious metals and even real estate. It’s the asset billionaires and elite institutions count on for safe, long-term, high yield… and they insist on holding timberland for “loss avoidance” reasons.  Here are 3 examples:

Billionaire Ted Turner

Ted Turner

Billionaire Ted Turner owns more than 2 million acres of forestland.

Media Mogul John Malone

john malone.jpg

Media mogul John Malone owns 2.2 million acres.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Amazon-Kindle.jpg billionaire Jeff Bezos owns 290,000 acres.


Globally, the long-term supply-demand outlook for timber is highly bullish. Learn more. Claim your FREE, no obligation Secrets of the Wealthy Profit Kit.

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Timberland has always been an investment that required such a massive outlay of capital—usually in the seven-figure range—that only the wealthy could afford to invest in it.

Until now.

Thanks to a revolutionary NEW direct ownership program from Precious Timber, S.A., ANY “accredited investor” can profit safely in precious timber.

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